Just keeping you guys updated on Raven Rotorcraft & Redrive's ongoing projects in the new year. Following photos are shots of our 13000cc 90 Hp Engine that we have had out for the past few years. The newest configuration of this popular package, the1300SVS Sidewinder is shown on the the test stand in preparation for addition of a Turbo upgrade kit that will bring the power up to 115 Hp (Same as the Rotax®) Arthur and Punam can be seen here during baseline testing of the stock engine prior to addition of the Turbo package. Arthur is watching the Tach while Punam is reading the thrust.

Did you see Raven Redrives press release in a recent issue of Ultralight Flying? You can read the full text of it here.

Asside from the 1300SVS we are still in production on our wildly popular and flight proven 1000 series engines based around the 3 cylinder early model Geo Engines. Stay tuned for updated pictures from our 3 cylinder customers flying trikes, 2-seat trainers, etc on the applications page.

Jerry Weibel came to us with this beautifully crafted Drakart® sandrail. He was having wiring and coolant problems with the 3 cylinder GEO engine mounted in the rear, so we fixed them (Mark here is doing some coolant routing modifications), and sent him on his way. "I need more power." he says, so more power it is. Our first step is installing Raven Rotorcraft's performance ground camshaft, and moving on to Turbo. We'll keep you updated on the progress.

Jerry gets around with his sandrail, and will be running the engine hard at lots of different altitudes and weather conditions. We look forward to hearing his reports on performance and are sure he will be more than satisfied with the upgrade. Here are some more pictures of the 1300SVS: