1300 SVS 4-Stroke Rated at 90Hp
Raven Redrives' Suzuki Auto Conversion Engine

Raven Redrives' 4-cylinder 4-cycle 1300Svs engine package, a Suzuki automobile engine conversion rated at 90 horsepower, is a flat-four profile 4-stroke targeted at the more expensive Rotax 912 and 914 4-cylinder 4-stroke aircraft engines, according to Raven.

Raven Redrives, manufacturer of reduction drives and engine conversion packages for light aircraft and ultralight trainers using 58- to 115-hp powerplands designed around the 1.0- and 1.3-liter Geo® Metro/Suzuki® and 1.6-liter Geo has expanded their product line to include engines suitable as economical replacements for the 81-hp Rotax 912, 100-hp Rotax 912S and 105-hp Rotax 914 Turbo 4cycle aircraft engines, according to Raven Redrives president Jeron Smith.

"based on the 4-cylinder 1300cc 16-valve fuel-injected engine found in late-model Geo Metro and Suzuki Swift automobiles," Smith says, "the Raven 1300SVS gives the advantage of electronic fuel injetion at a similar weight. Rated at 90 horsepower with an all-up dry weight of 168 pounds (less radiator) and with overall dimensions similar to the Rotax 912, the unique flat 'siewinder' profile of this engine package allows it to fit in the cowling of most popular kit built aircraft in the marketplace today." Smith notes most builders purchase a low-time engine at their local auto engine recycler and then install the reduction drive kit which contains all necessary components and a "well-documented instruction manual." Complete engine packages are also available from Raven Redrives.

"Raven has targeted a wide variety of today's kit-built aircraft, trikes, powered parachutes and rotorcraft with this package, as well as offering motor mounts, exhausts and cooling systems custom-tailored to fit popular kit-built aircraft needing a flat-four profile to fit inside the cowl," Smith says. "Designed for both pusher and tractor applications this kit/engine also imcorporates a low-profile intake manifold, cutom ExtractorTM exhaust, a 'saddle-bag' integrated oil pan (or a remote oil tank system), lightweight starter, and its trademarked cushioned propeller drive hub for durability and trouble-free operation."

Turbocharged Upgrade Soon

Smith reports "a turbocharged upgrade is currently in the works for this package. Rated at 115-hp, and adding only an additional 12 pounds, it is targeted as an inexpensive replacement for the higher priced Rotax 914 Turbo aircraft engine. The Raven 1300 SVS Turbo is currently undergoing testing and should be available this April."

Raven Redrives is also working on a 110- to 140-hp version of this engine package based on the 1600cc Geo ®Tracker/Suzuki® Sidekick engine, the company reports.

Now in their 8th year of selling products related to the Suzuki line of automobile engines, "Raven Redrives" goal has been to provide a cost-effective alternative to the popular Rotax line of small aircraft engines," the company says. "We have been working hard to offer a reliable drive system and complete engine package that will be a very cost cometitive alternative to the Rotax 503, 582, 618, 912, 912s and 914 Turbo powerplants. We now offer a number of reduction drives designed from the ground up for reliability as well as adaptability to a broad range of aircraft kits." Call the company for prices.