Price Listing

Reduction Drive Units for the Geo®/Suzuki® Auto Engines

MODEL 1000UL - $2195.00
62hp Pusher style with outboard bearing support

MODEL 1000UL-T-$2495.00
62hp Tractor style with outboard bearing support

Kits starting at $1995.00/$1995.00/$2250.00/$2250.00
*Many options necessary to make lightest engine package- Please call for details All models fit '90- '00 1.0 liter Geo®/Suzuki® 3-cylinder engines UL Series

Drive Kits Include:

  • Tensalloy® reduction drive casting
  • Hard anodized sprockets
  • Kevlar HTD drive belt
  • Rubber-cushioned prop hub
  • Lycoming® or Barry® style mounts
  • Bearings, prop hub, and mounting hardware
  • Coolant fill manifold w/radiator cap
  • Modified coolant return header
  • Outboard bearing support (except ULS/ULX/ULRS)
  • Lightened flywheel (exchange)
  • Lightweight alternator bracket
  • Starter mounting plate
  • Rear motor mount/distributor drive (UL-T only)
  • Air cleaner adaption plate
  • Complete installation manual
MODEL 1000RS - $2495.00
fits '89 - '00 1.0 liter Geo Metro 3 cylinder engine

MODEL 1300SVS - $2995.00
fits 98 - 02 1.3 liter 16 valve

Geo® Metro/Suzuki® Swift 4 cylinder engine

MODEL 1600SV - $3295.00
fits 93 - 98 1.6 liter 16 valve Geo® Tracker/Suzuki® Sidekick 4 cylinder engine

Drive Kit Includes:

  • Tensalloy® reduction drive casting
  • Hard anodized sprockets
  • 8mm HTD drive belt
  • Lycoming style motor mounts
  • Rear motor mount/distrib drive unit
  • Bearings, prop hub, quick adj idler, mounting hardware
  • Water outlet, thermostat, heater, and vent ports integral to casting
  • Rubber-cushioned upper drive hub
  • Complete installation manual

Also Available...

Perfomance Extractor® Exhaust Header with Integral Muffler
with O2 port

Only 3.75lbs. - $219.00
Pusher Styles Available

Instruction Manual

How to Convert the Geo Metro®/Suzuki Auto Engine for Aircraft Use

$49.95 + $8 S/H ($12 S/H outside the U.S.)


  • How to select the proper year/make/model engine for your application
  • Carb. or fuel injection? pros and cons
  • Tips to reduce weight
  • How to pick a reduction drive
  • How to reliably increase horsepower, torque, and performance
  • Size and type of propellor for best performance

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