Geo Metro®/Suzuki® Auto Engine Conversions

Now in its 15th year of selling products related to the Suzuki® line of auto engines, Raven Redrives Inc. is pleased to present its line of reduction drive kits for use in airboats and light aircraft. Power plants are available for aircraft needing 58 to 115+ horsepower in a lightweight, reliable, fuel efficient, and powerful package designed around the readily available 1.0 liter and 1.3 liter Geo® Metro/ Suzuki® auto engines.

Our goal from the beginning has been to provide a cost-effective alternative to the popular Rotax® line of small aircraft engines. We have been working hard to offer a reliable drive system and complete engine packages that will be a cost competitive alternative to the Rotax® 503, 582, 912, 912S and even 914 power-plants.

We now offer a number of versions of reduction drives that have been designed from the ground up for reliability, as well as adaptability to a broad range of aircraft kits.

Engine/Redrive Models and Features

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58-62hp Model 1000ULX/ULX-T(shown)


At 58hp(carbureted)/62hp(fuel-injected) this is our lightest series of drives with the reduction drive weighing only 15lbs. Carbureted versions of this package are as light as 118lbs* (with electric start). *Dry Weight/less radiator 

62hp Model 1000UL


This is the 62hp fuel-injected version of our engine package. Drive with outboard bearing weighs only 18lbs. Dry weight of complete engine package (with electric start) as low as 125lbs. 

Model 1000ULS 58hp 112lbs

An economical alternative to the Rotax® 503DC or HKS® 700E. This is our offering to builders of the FlightStar®, Challenger®, Rans® S-14, SkyRaider®, Kolb®, Firestar® and other popular kitplanes, trikes, gyros & PPC's.


  • Dry sump kits
  • Remote oil tanks
  • Electric start
  • Radiator twin-pack
  • Turbocharging

Model 1000ULRS 62hp 130lbs

Update Coming Soon

Model 1000RS 62hp 148lbs


Our reduction drive unit weighs 28lbs. including: Tensalloy®  reduction drive casting, hard anodized sprockets, 8mm HTD drive belt, bearings, prop hub and bolts, Lycoming®  style motor mounts, distributor dr ive, and all mounting hardware. 

All up dry weight of our 1000RS 62hp complete engine package is 148lbs with the 80hp turbo version (1000RSX) package coming in at 164lbs less radiator with our optional Extractor® exhaust with integral glass-pack muffler. 

Model 1300 SVS 90hp, 175lbs
With turbo: 115hp, 190lbs


An economical alternative to the Rotax® 912 or 912S. It is even fuel injected. This is our option for builders of the Sonex®, Rans® S-6, Zenair® 601 & 701, and other popular kitplanes needing a flat four profile to fit inside the cowl.


  • Custom low profile intake manifold
  • Custom ExtractorTM exhaust
  • 'Saddle-bag' integral oil pan or remote tank
  • TurboCharging (115+) HP.

Model 1000RSX(turbo) 80hp 159lbs

Rear view showing distributor drive unit/ motor mount for 1000RS, 1000RS Turbo and 1000UL-T.
Complete Engines also available.

Reliability & Efficiency

Innovative Features

The Suzuki® engines used in all the Raven applications are modern, liquid cooled, overhead camshaft, 4 stroke auto engines with proven track records of reliability while running at the rpm's encountered in our application (the 3 cylinder Geo® Metro engine turns 3950 RPM @ 75 mph highway speeds). 

Longevity is also unsurpassed with courier drivers who use this type of vehicle for delivery trips regularly  logging over 150,000 trouble free miles with only routine maintenance. Fuel efficiency in the automotive application is second to none with the 3 cylinder version of the car topping 55 MPG. 

  • Tapered Timkin® bearings in propeller drive hub for long life and reliability. 
  • Integral coolant passageway in casting to optimally relocate coolant outlet. 
  • Quick and easy belt tensioning/tracking for correct belt tension. 
  • Beautiful powder-coated paint finish on casting for long life and durability. 
  • All parts machined on CNC equipment for accurate fit and alignment. 
  • Tuned exhaust system for increased performance (optional). 

Technical Specifications
Pricing Information