Now in our 19th year of Geo®/Suzuki® (and now Honda®) 60-140HP auto engine conversions for Homebuilt Aircraft. Our newest 'STOL-Max'® 115/140+HP Honda® Jazz/Fit performance engine package is being designed specifically for the Zenair® 650/750 and our own Tractor Cargo Aircraft design. Educational Forums at Airventure 2014: "Converting the Honda® Fit Engine for Aircraft' Tues. July 29th 2:30PM/ Thurs. July 31st 10:00AM @ Workshop Clasroom 2. 'Converting Suzuki® Auto Engine for Aircraft' Wed. July 30th 8:30AM @ Ultralight Forums Tent. Call our NM Office/Skunkworks at 303-440-6234 for info. Thanks for your interest in our products. Jeron Smith, President.

Our goal at Raven RotorCraft/ReDrives Inc. has always been to keep flying affordable through the adaptation of proven automotive technology and cutting edge new product development. We keep working to combine performance, reliability, and affordability in a proven alternative auto engine conversion for light aircraft.

*Latest Products 

1300 SvS

1300 SVS 90hp @175 lbs. Our new Honda® 1500-XV 115HP @189 lbs.coming in 2014.

1300 SVS- "Flat 4" engine layout replaces the 912/912S Rotax® with similar mounting dimensions. Mount kits available: Zenair® 601, 701, Rans®
S-6 , Fisher® R-80 Tiger Moth, Just Ac.® Highlander.

P.O. Box 469, El Prado, NM 87529  303-440-6234

Doctor Mac in Palm Springs CA provides help keeping Raven's Apple Macintosh computers up and flying!